Kerala actress Mythili leaked photos gossip Matinee, Paleri manikyam fame

Based on complaint of actress Mythili, Palakkad Ottappalam native Kiran Kumar Mythili’s friend was arrested. He was a Production executive in film industry and controversial photos that are leaked bow were taken in 2008. Actress Mythili was threatened by Kiran Kumar that her photos will be leaked online. Based on actres Mythili’s information, Kiran Kumar was her lover and at that time she did not know that he was married. Mollywood film actress Mythili leaked photos is now latest discussion of gossip lookers in Kerala.

Kiran had hidden the fact that he was married and tried to get married to Mythili. This led to problems between them and he threatened her that he will leak her pictures online in social media. Presently case is filed by Mythili against Kiran Kumar for blackmailing her.

In July 2017 photos of Malayalam actress Mythili leaked all of a sudden. Fact that Mythili gossips started soon after her alleged connections to actor Dileep in actress attack case makes this news interesting. Did some one deliberately leak actress Mythili photos to trap her is now seriously thought by audience of Mollywood. Gossips like actress photos, personal videos getting leaked is common in India.

This is why everyone doubt whether it is actually actress Mythili or someone else had deliberately made a fake picture. Actress Mythili is popular among audience of Kerala as heroine who acted in Malayalam cinemas like Matinee, Paleri Manikyam.

Even though actress Mythili has done around Forty films in Mollywood, her most remembered ones are Paleri Manikyam Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Katha. In this movie actor Mammootty was hero and actress Swetha Menon has also acted in an incredible role.

Latest Updates on Actress Mythili leaked photos incident

Arrest of Kiran kumar who had relation with actress Mythili was made on 23 July 2017, based on Mythili’s complaint.

Sensational photos of actress that were leaked included ones in which she appears to be with her lover. It is clear from pictures that it is a seflie taken from a bedroom during their private moments. Only thing to be clear is whether it is a fake one or real one.

Malayalam news about Mythili’s photos leak case

mythili leaked photos matinee movie fame

Mythili is one of the popular supporting actresses in Kerala. Recently name of actress Mythili was in news regarding she was staying in Thammanam flat. There were unconfirmed news that actress Mythili knew Pulsar Suni who attacked actress. But actress Mythili denied this news that she is having any connections to this incident.

Paleri Manikyam was second film of actress Mythili and in this movie she acted wearing mundu blouse like old Kerala dress.

paleri manikyam fame mythili leaked photos

Audience of Kerala welcomed them happily and as a result she continued to entertain everyone with her roles. Breaking News Live, Salt and Pepper were other films of actress Mythili which cast her in important roles.

Other malayalam cinemas of Mythili in Mollywood film industry are,

  • Crossroads (latest release in 2017)
  • Nallavan
  • Chattambinadu
  • Naughty Professor
  • Poppins
  • Honey Bee
  • Mayamohini
  • Njaan
  • Nadodimannan
  • Vedivazhipadu
  • Villali Veeran
  • Swargathekkal Sundaram
  • Ente Sathyanweshana Pareekshakal
  • Loham

Lungi Blouse Malayalam Extra Actress Photos from Mollywood

Kanakalatha is a malayalam extra actress who acts in small roles in lot of movies in Kerala. Lungi Blouse photos of actress Kanakalatha looks spicy and attractive in this gallery from an old malayaalm cinema. Lungi is the most common dress used by local women in Kerala and the lungi wearing photos of Kanakalatha are awesome.

Actress Kanakalatha is wearing variety of lungi blouse’s in this movie and all are updated in this gallery. Unnimary is an old malayalam actress who had acted in lot of mllywood films. Unni Mary (Deepa) is a gorgeous celebrity who acted in lot of South Indian movies like tamil, telugu.etc. also. These are photos of malayalam actress Unnimary from an old cinema. Lungi Blouse and Thorthu wearing photos of actress Unnimary looks gorgeous and traditional making her look spicy. Malayalam actress Kanakalatha looks really gorgeous in the malayalam cinema Yakshiyum Njanum. In this film she does a small role as Chayakkadakkari (Teashop girl) role with another extra actress.

Unni Mary is a malayalam actress who has done lot of glamour roles in mollywood movies. In the cinema Poojakkedukkatha Pookkal, actress Unnimary has did lot of gorgeous roles in traditional dress like mundu or towel for bathing in river or pond. Unnimary who is also known as Deepa is one of the glamour actress in mollywood. Gorgeous Saree photos of the Malayalam Actress Unnimary is looking awesome in this gallery. Unnimary is a Kerala actress who has acted in lot of South Indian films. Malayalam actress Unni Mary who is a fat actress have appeared in many supporting roles in movies. Ponnarayan is a Malayalam Movie of soouth indian actress Liyanaraj in leading role.

This is a story that takes place in sea shores about fishing folks in Arayathi / Arayan community.

The spicy traditional photos of actress Liyana Raj in lungi, thorthu, pavada blouse .etc. makes this movie look very attractive.

Other cats of actors, actress in Ponnarayan movie are Babu Jose,Liyanaraj, Jaffer Idukki,Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Deepika and Santhakumari.

Ponnarayan is a malayalam movie which takes place alog seashores and tells life of fisher women. So the Lungi blouse wearing photos of the extra unknown actress looks really spicy and stunning.

Lungi Blouse is the most common dress used by fisher women of Kerala also called as Arayathi’s. This is the most comfortable dressing style in Kerala for local wear and easy to use. The lungi blouse dress of actress Liayanaraj in Ponnarayan malayalam movie is really attractive and makes her look spicy.

Lungi Blouse Photos of Malayalam Actress

This gallery is about most actresses who acted wearing this traditional costume as per their assigned character for Malayalam movies.

Ponnarayan Movie Heroine Liyanaraj

Liyana Raj is the heroine of movie Ponnarayan and we have some beautiful photos of this actress from movie Poonarayan.

Ponnarayan is a malayalam movie by Babu Jose which tells the story of fishermen in Kerala. The tamil actress Liyana Raj has acted as heroine in Ponnarayan movie. Photos of Liyanaraj from Ponnarayan has been updated in this gallery.

Malavika Nair as Thilakan Lover Moulavi Daughter Usthad Hotel

Everyone who has watched the malayalam movie Usthad Hotel of Dulqar, Thilakan will not forget the beautiful romantic song Vaathilil Aa Vaathilil.

In tis film actor Thilakan the grandfather of Dulquar Salman tells about his teenage lover, the daughter of Moulavi , where he went to cook biriyani for her marriage.

Actress Malavika Nair acts in this role as Thilakan’s lover and wife.

This song is so romantic and great that no one can forget this scene.

Jyothirmayi Photos from Sthalam, Urava


Malayalam actress looks very beautiful when they wear lungi blouse and thorthu.

The photos of actress Jyothirmayi wearing lungi blouse and thorthu in the malayalam cinema make sher loo very spicy.

Urava is a malayalam movie in which actress Jyothirmayi is doing the role of heroine.

The other cast of Urava movie are Irshad, K. B. Ganesh Kumar, Praveena, Anitha Nair.

Photos of malayalam actress Jyothirmayi dressed in lungi bouse and thorthu is looking attractive and spicy.

 Sthalam is a Malayalam Movie in which the heroine is Jyothirmay.

The film sthalam tells story releated to land and takes place in a village.

Photos of malayalam actress Jyothirmayi dressed in lungi blouse and thorthu looks gorgeous.

The cast of the film Sthalam are Sudheesh, Rajeev Rangan, Bala, Jyothirmayee, Chembil Ashokan, Challipala.

Adayalangal movie Jyothirmayi

Adayalangal is a malayalam movie of actress Jyothirmayi in the lead role as heroine.

The cinema Atayalangal is a very old film, but the traditional dresses used by Jyothirmayi in this movie like mundu blouse, thorthu mundu.etc. are still nostalgic in the minds of all audience.

Cast of actors, actresses in the malayalam cinema Adayalangal are Govind Padmasurya T.G Ravi, V.K Sriraman, Manikandan.

Vinutha Lal Parankimala Movie


Parankimala is amalayalam movie in which the actress Vinutha Lal has done a glamourous role.

Many times Vinutha Lal used dressed like lungi or pavada blouse which made her look spicy.

Photo Gallery of Parankimala cinema actress Vinutha Lal is in this photo gallery.

Parankimala is the remake of an old movie of the same name and the actresses in this movie are Vinutha Lal and Mini Richard.

The lungi blouse wearing actresses Mini Richard and Vinuthalal looks gorgeous in this traditional attire.

Bhaiyya bhaiyya was the latest malayalam movie of actress vinutha lal.

In this movie actress Vinutha Lal has done the role of a construction worker as maikattu panikkari of bengali origin.

Spicy photos of kerala actress Vinutha Lal (Parankimala fame) in the bhaiyya bhaiyya movie wearing half saree looks really gorgeous.

Vinutha Lal became popular through the malayalam movie Parankimala. These are photos of actress Vinutha Lal from a tamil movie photo session.

The half saree and blouse wearing Kerala actress Vinutha Lal looks sizzling.

Savithriyude Aranjanam Song

Savithriyude Aranjanam is a malayalam movie of actress Aswathy, Harisree Ashokan, Kalabhavan Mani.

The photos featured in this article is about a spicy song by actor Kalabhavan Mani.

In the first photo we can see kerala extra actresses like Priyanka, Bindhu Varappuzha wearing Lungi Blouse dancing with Kalabhavan Mani.

Later in the song we can see lot of dancers dressed in lungi blouse dancing to the song making it spicy.

Geetha Vijayan

Geetha Vijayan is a hot extra actress in malayalam movies.

In lot of cinemas actress Geetha Vijayan has done spicy , glamour roles and is looking gorgeous in her way of acting characters.

These are a set of photos of Geetha Vijayan from various movies in mollywood.

Uthara Chemmeen. The film, directed by Benny Asamsa, and the film has veteran actor Madhu and Biyon playing prominent roles.Ansiba says, ‘I play the character of Neeli pennu, a slightly heavy-headed girl who hails from a rich family from the coastal area. Currently, we are shooting in Cherthala, which is the main location. I am paired with Biyon in the film.’

Ansiba Hassan, who shot to fame with Drishyam, is the heroine in a film set against the backdrop of sea titled Uthara

Geetha Vijayan is a good looking malayalam extra actress who is the In Harihar Nagar fame heroine.

The Saree blouse Photo of actress Geetha Vijayan looks gorgeous. Geetha Vijayan has come into acting through the malayalam cinema In Harihar Nagar.

Later Geetha Vijayan withdraw herself into a supporting actress in mollywood movies. These are a set of photos of the kerala actress Geetha Vijayan from her various movies in Mollywood.

Geetha Vijayan is a malayalam actress who did a gorgeous role in the movie Vettam as a callgirl. Geetha Vijayan is a kerala extra actress who started acting through Harihar Nagar as heroine. Now she si a very fat actress and getting roles in supporting glamour roles.

Spicy Saree Photos of actress Geetha Vijayan from the movie Vettam is really nice. This a commedy scene from the movie Vettam , but is hot because of the dressing style of Geetha Vijayan and her spicy performance in this movie.

There is a kissing scene of Geetha Vijayan and Nedumudi Venu in Vettam Movie.

Malayathi Maathu Movie Stills, Actress, Cast, Review, Trailer, Songs

Malayathi Maathu Movie is a new malayalam cinema that is going to be released soon. Sonia Malhar photos in the movie Malayathi Maathu is really gorgeous. There are lot of scenes in this film where the traditional beauty of Soniya Malhaar and other actresses are showcased with touch of natural beauty.

Malayathi Maathu of Sonia Malhar is an awesome attempt from the Director and his team to show the life of tribals keralities in forest and how they live and fight for justice. Malayathi Maathu Cast – Sonia Malhaar, many new face actress, actors being introduced in this film. Malayathi Mathu is a new malayalam movie that is being prepared in mollywood without any presence of superstars.

So this movie may get neglected, and it should not be, because it tells a strong story of the tribals living and is taken out with beautiful locations from the background of forests in Kerala. Who is the heroine doing the role of Malayathi Maathu, it is a malayalam actress Sonia Malhar. She has acted in many small roles in Malayalam films and this is her first charcater role in a title role. Actress Sonia Malhaar has been popular in Facebook through the charitable services she is doing everyday from the little income she gets from acting. Malayathi Maathu is a movie by Director Prem Geeth and many newcomers are working in this film. The names  of cast of actors, actresses of Malayathi Maathu are being updated as most of them are newbies to acting. The heroine is Sonia Malhar and she has done lot of glamor scenes in this movie. As the subject of this film is about tribals, the dress code will also be similar to that of jungles.

All female characters in this movie Malayathy Mathu are dressed in mundu and they are using a long white clothe to wrap around instead of using blouse.

It can also be called as mulakkacha which was commonly used by women of Kerala in 1940’s. So those who are true worshipers or fans of Kerala traditional dress should not miss this movie.

When the Neelathamara movie was remaked with actress Archana in place of Ambika, lot of people had gathered to watch this movie just to see the beautiful Archana dressed in thorthu mundu and blouse.

Malayathi Maathu Movie Photo Gallery

Latest stills of actress Soniya Malhaar from malayalam cinema Malayathi Maathu.

To watch the full fledged romance and action scenes of Soniya Malhaar and other extra  actresses in this film, you have to watch it in big screen itself.

So there is lot to expect in the cinema Malayathi Maathu, when actresses like Soniya Malhaar come dressed in mundu and mulakakcha. The film is about the fight of a woman to against injustice and cruelty of upper classes and how she uses her beautiful body to seduce and do what she really came for.

That is a suspense in this film and don’t want to reveal it. The film Malayathi Maathu will be released in 2015 and the pre reviews of this movie is positive.