Actress Madhavi Plane Riding Photos She has Flying License, Own Plane

Malayalam, Tamil actress Madhavi is popular to everyone as Akashadoothu fame heroine. After marriage of actress Madhavi, her life style changed very much. Recently social media is filled with actress Madhavi plane flying photos.

Madhavi is one of the few actresses in World who owns a plane and a flying license. Through Malayalam cinema Akahadoothu we have seen a sad face of Madhavi who always made us cry. In Tamil, Telugu ovies we saw actress Madhavi in glamour roles surprising everyone. With photos of actress Madhavai plane flying all her fans are astonished.

Is this plane owned by her was main question of all viewers who saw it. Yes South Indian actress Madhavi owns this plane. South Indian celebrity Madhavi had been away from big screen for a long time. Is these photos of actres Madhavi new ones or old ones. Photos that we are seeing at present in social media is an old one which were taken around 4 years back. These old photos were made viral in social media by some one.

South actres Madhavi had won awards for her performances in movies like Valarthu Mrigangal, Ormakkayi and Akashadoothu. Her first telugu movie is Thoorpu Padamara and his last one as Big Boss in 1995. In Mollyoopd she acted for last time in 1996 for the cinema Aayiram Naavulla Ananthan. In Bollywood also actress Madhavi had done lot of movies.

Actress Madhavi Plane Photos

Madhavi is one of the rare celebrity pilots in India and along wit this she also credit to owning her own plane.

Indian actress Madhavi plane – Video

Actress Madhavi family photos

Actress Madhavi husband name is Ralph Sharma and her marriage was in year 1996. Madhavi and Ralph Sharma has three daughters.

Actress Madhavi's daughters

Malayalam actress Madhavi Bikini photo

Actress Madhavi in Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha

Actually actress Madhavi is from Hyderabad and is presently aged 54 years old. She has acted in hundreds of films in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada .etc. First Malayalam cinema of actress Madhavi is Lava and later she acted in films like Poochasanyasi, Garjanam, Kurukkante Kalyanam, Hello Madras Girl, Akkare.

Her most popular films in Mollywood were Akashadoothu, Ormakkayi, Valarthu Mrugangal, Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha. Actress Madhavi has also acted in bikini swim suit dress many times. Most popular one is from an old South Inidan movie with actor Kamal Hassan.

In Telugu film Maro Charithra and it”s Hindi remnant Ek Duuje Ke Liye we could see actress Madhavi in bikini. Malayalam actress Madhavi has acted in many spicy traditional dress for her movie Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha with actor Mammootty. This movie was released in year 1989 and song Chandanalepa Sugandham  was an all time super hit one.

Malayathi Maathu Movie Stills, Actress, Cast, Review, Trailer, Songs

Malayathi Maathu Movie is a new malayalam cinema that is going to be released soon. Sonia Malhar photos in the movie Malayathi Maathu is really gorgeous. There are lot of scenes in this film where the traditional beauty of Soniya Malhaar and other actresses are showcased with touch of natural beauty.

Malayathi Maathu of Sonia Malhar is an awesome attempt from the Director and his team to show the life of tribals keralities in forest and how they live and fight for justice. Malayathi Maathu Cast – Sonia Malhaar, many new face actress, actors being introduced in this film. Malayathi Mathu is a new malayalam movie that is being prepared in mollywood without any presence of superstars.

So this movie may get neglected, and it should not be, because it tells a strong story of the tribals living and is taken out with beautiful locations from the background of forests in Kerala. Who is the heroine doing the role of Malayathi Maathu, it is a malayalam actress Sonia Malhar. She has acted in many small roles in Malayalam films and this is her first charcater role in a title role. Actress Sonia Malhaar has been popular in Facebook through the charitable services she is doing everyday from the little income she gets from acting. Malayathi Maathu is a movie by Director Prem Geeth and many newcomers are working in this film. The names  of cast of actors, actresses of Malayathi Maathu are being updated as most of them are newbies to acting. The heroine is Sonia Malhar and she has done lot of glamor scenes in this movie. As the subject of this film is about tribals, the dress code will also be similar to that of jungles.

All female characters in this movie Malayathy Mathu are dressed in mundu and they are using a long white clothe to wrap around instead of using blouse.

It can also be called as mulakkacha which was commonly used by women of Kerala in 1940’s. So those who are true worshipers or fans of Kerala traditional dress should not miss this movie.

When the Neelathamara movie was remaked with actress Archana in place of Ambika, lot of people had gathered to watch this movie just to see the beautiful Archana dressed in thorthu mundu and blouse.

Malayathi Maathu Movie Photo Gallery

Latest stills of actress Soniya Malhaar from malayalam cinema Malayathi Maathu.

To watch the full fledged romance and action scenes of Soniya Malhaar and other extra  actresses in this film, you have to watch it in big screen itself.

So there is lot to expect in the cinema Malayathi Maathu, when actresses like Soniya Malhaar come dressed in mundu and mulakakcha. The film is about the fight of a woman to against injustice and cruelty of upper classes and how she uses her beautiful body to seduce and do what she really came for.

That is a suspense in this film and don’t want to reveal it. The film Malayathi Maathu will be released in 2015 and the pre reviews of this movie is positive.

Njaan Malayalam Movie Actress Names Mundu Blouse Photos

Parvathy is known to everyone as a malayalam anchor, judge and also as an actress in malayalam movies. The mundu rowka (blouse) photos of malayalam actress Parvathy in the cinema “Njaan”looks attractive and traditional. The mundu blouse wearing photos of Sajitha Madathil from Njaan movie looks attractive.

Parvathy dressed in mundu blouse looks like a typical hindu woman in old times and these are scenes from the movie Njaan. Mythili is one of the main actresses of the malayalam movie Njaan. The cinema Njaan tells a story that takes place several decades before in Kerala. So the dresses used by all characters of actresses appear wearing traditional mundu blouse, rowka, melmundu, mulakkacha.etc. Photos in the malayalam movie Njaan are really sizzling. The other cast of Njaan includes actress like Jyothi Krishna, Anumol, Shruthi Ramachandran.

Njaan is a traditional film for those who want to know about people in old times in Kerala. It has a good story and photos of actress in traditional mundu blouse is second thing to be noted. It has a nice message and opens up life of ordinary people.

Malayalam film Njaan is from Director Ranjith. This film got released on 19 September 2014.

There are lot of traditional scenes of actresses from malayalam cinema Njaan.

Parvathy in Njaan

Anumol in njaan movie

Mythili photos in Njaan
Sajitha Madathil in Njaan

Njaan is the latest malayalam movie of actress Sajitha Madathil.

In the film Njaan, actress Sajitha Madathil is doing the role of Kunjooli. As you all know hero of Njaan movie is Dulquer Salmaan.