Malayalam actress lungi blouse thorthu dress

Malayalam actress appear wearing lungi blouse thorthu dress which is considered as a dress to show that a particular character is from a poor family. Also in case of characters showing female servants they are given this common dress of lungi blouse thorthu.

malayalam actress lungi blouse thorthu

This costume is still used by women of Kerala and Tamilnadu living in villages. And in market places women fish sellers wear this dress which is most commonly used.


Lungi blouse actress

Malayalam cinema is always colorful with Lungi blouse actress in various scenes. In old cinema lot of actress appeared wearing Lungi blouse and throthu dress. Now also in many films we can see that few extra actress will eb dressed in lungi blouse.

lungi blouse actress (

Lungi blouse and thorthu is a traditional dress combination similar to that of mundu which is used by all common people.


Chippy malayalam movie actress photos in traditional dress lungi

Upcoming Malayalam cinema Chippy will have a long line of actresses. From release of trailer of this film everyone has bren asking for Chippy movie actress namesand details.

Actress Shruthi Menon is heroine of Malayalam movie Chippy. Actress like Surabhi Lakshmi, Srinda Arhaan, Manju Suncihen do important roles in this movie.

Lungi blouse photos of actress Manju Sunichen has become popular in social media. Manju came into film industry through reality shows. Earlier she did similar role in movie Uttopiyayile Rajavu in which was wearing lungi blouse in traditional looks.

Chippy malayalam movie actress photos

Chippy malayalam movie actress


Chippy malayalam movie actress Srinda is doing a good character role of mother who suffers poverty and problems.