Trivandrum Lodge Fame Actress Devi Ajith Photos

Devi Ajith acted in the malayalam movie Trivandrum Lodge and she has done the role of a housewife in it and her character has been impressive and is hard in everyone’s mind.  Devi Ajith photos has been in great demand as she was one of the best extra actress in Kerala. She is presently aged 43 years and she did a good supporting role in movie Action Hero Biju. In this film Devi Ajith has acted in role of a strong mother.

Set Mundu Neriyathu photo of Malayalam celebrity Devi Ajith is sizzling. This is a rare traditional dress wearing photo of malayalam extra actress Devi Ajith. These are few photos of Actress Devi Ajith from various real life situations and from photo sessions in malayalam movies. Devi Ajith is a Malayalam Actress and these are some photos of this celebrity looking traditionally attractive. Devi Ajith was the wife of the producer of malayalam cinema ‘The Car’ and her husband passed in an accident in 1997. This had been a bad incident in her life. There had been lot of controversies connected to her name before she came into film industry.

After a long gap actress Devi Ajith has become famous as an actress and now she is acting for Tamil films in glamour roles also. Devi Ajith is also a well known Kerala Television serial actress who has taken up all types of roles. Actress Devi Ajith is shining in mother roles too in tv serials. She is a good celebrity who has a hard sound which makes her look matured too. In malayalam movie Trivandrum Lodge actress Devi Ajith has given her own sound to character in this film. It was a bold character who is also shown as drinking and there were lot of criticisms for such a role in malayalam cinema.

Devi Ajith film career includes around 40 malayalam movies, two television serials and anchor of around 7 popular tv shows in Kerala channels.

Most recent film of Devi Ajith which is most noticed is TP 51 Vettu  which is a political film which discusses current political situations in Kerala. In movie TP 51 Vettu actress Devi Ajith is doing role of charcater Rema who is a real life character.

Name of Devi Ajith’s daughter is Nandana Ajith who was born in 1993 and is now 14 years old. recent movies of Devi Ajith are Ore Mukham, Guppy, Action Hero Biju.

Devi Ajith Photos Malayalam Actress

Devi Ajith photos in saree blouse

Devi Ajith Photos

Devi Ajith is a kerala actress who has done supporting roles in malayalam and tamil movies. The name Devi Ajith has been in many controversies and that is how malayali’s started to know about her. Devi Ajith has also acted in glamor role in a malayalam movie Kanchi with Murali Gopi and also in tamil film Sooraiyadal. Devi Ajith became popular after acting in a bold role in malayalam cinema Trivandrum Lodge as the friend of Honey Rose.  Before that she had acted in the film “Ivar” by Director TK Rajeev Kumar.

Malayalam tv serials of Dei Ajith are Nakshatrangal and Eeran Nilavu. Devi Ajith started her film career in 2000 through movie Mazha. But she became noticed only after acting in film Trivandrum Lodge. Before that she acted in films like Ivar, Seetha Kalyanam , Uthara , Cupid.etc.

Other noticed movies of this actress in Mollywood are Immanuel , Peruchazhi, Ennu Ninte Moideen, Kanal, Mariyam Mukku, Mudhugauv , Guppy, Ore Mukham.