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Uppum Mulakum is a Malayalam Television serial shown by Flowers TV Channel. Director of Uppum Mulakum is R. Unnikrishnan. Have you missed any episodes of Uppum Mulakum serial which has been telecast on any day. There is nothing to worry about it as it’s easy to watch any Uppum Mulakum latest episode from now on wards.

First episode of Uppum Mulakum serial was telecast on 14-12-2015 (14th December 2015) and is continuing it’s telecast for past 1 year 8 months.  This Flowers TV serial has huge audience who liked this comedy oriented sit com (situational comedy) show. Most people were bored with serials that makes everyone cry with emotions, boring story line .etc. During this time Uppum Mulakum serial came in and showed everyone what is real entertainment and comedy.

Characters done by actor Biju Sopanam and actress Nisha Sarangh has made this serial an interesting one among audience of Kerala. Flowers TV uploads all episodes of Uppum Mulakum serial in it’s official Youtube channel through it’s playlists of all episodes of this serial. Along with this Flowers TV has also launched an app named ‘HomeMazala’ which is available in android version at Google play store and iOs version at iTunes store.

Story and script of this serial is from Suresh Babu and Sreerag R. Nambiar who had made this new comedy oriented drama a reality. Telecast timings of serial Uppum Mulakum is at night 8.00 pm and it’s re telecast at late night by 11.30 pm on Monday to Friday.

Uppum Mulakum serial story

Story of Malayalam serial Uppum Mulakum is about a father, mother and their 4 children. Small incidents that happen inside a family is presented with humor in this serial. There is not even a boring minute for audience in this serial.

Actor Biju SopanamAActor Biju Sopanam comes in role of Balu and actress Nisha Sarangh acts as character Neelima. Neelu and Balu’s children are Lachu (Juhi Rustagi), Vishnu (Rishi S Kumar), Keshu (Al sabith), Shiva (Shivani Menon).

Watch Uppum Mulakum latest episode in Youtube

Through official Flowers TV Youtube channel we can keep up to date of all latest episodes in playlist of Uppum Mulakum serial.

Uppum Mulakum Cast

Lot of Malayalam actors, actress have acted in Uppum Mulakum serial being shown in Flowers TV channel.

Uppum Mulakum latest episode

Cast in lead role in main characters in this serial are,

  • Biju Sopanam (Balu)
  • Nisha Sarangh (Neelu)
  • Rishi S Kumar (Vishnu)
  • Juhi Rustagi (Lakshmi)
  • Al Sabith (Keshu)
  • Shivani Menon (Shivani)

Other cast in this serial are,

  • Varsha Abhay (Rema)
  • Chinnu Kuruvila (Mahima)
  • Riya (Aleena Francis)