Uppum Mulakum Mudiyan wife actress name, photo in Flowers Tv serial

In Uppum Mulakum Malayalam Television serial shown in Flowers TV channel every one likes character of Vishnu. Vishnu is Balachandran Thampy (Biju Sopanam) and Neelima’s (Nisha Sarang) son. Vishnu is called by every one in family as Mudiyan. In few episodes it was show that Mudiyan marries a girl and comes to house. From that time there are lot of inquiries regarding real name of Uppum Mulakum Mudiyan wife character in it.

Real name of Mudiyan character doing Vishnu is Rishi. After acting in Uppum Mulakum serial all people are calling him as Mudiyan and he is popular with this nickname. Name of Actress who did role of Uppum Mulakum Mudiyan wife is not known.

She is an extra actress who is seen in Asianet channel’s Vodafone Comedy Stars program. In this program this actress is doing supporting actress in comedy skits. If any one knows about real name of Uppum Mulakum Mudiyan wife, please comment it.

Only in 2 episodes the character of Mudiyan Wife (Vishnu’s wife) was shown. Later it was realized that it was a day dream of his grand mother.

Uppum Mulakum Mudiyan wife

Character name of Mudiyan Wife is Ganga. Real name of character of Ganga in Uppum Mulakum serial in Flowers TV channel is unknown.

In these episodes we saw Mudiyan (Rishi) coming with a girl whom he register married. Later we seee many funny moments when Vishnu’s wife and family gets into arguments. Incidents of Mudiyan wife turning in to a rough character is interesting.

Many viewers did not like coming of a new character of Mudiyan’s wife, still it was a fun to watch these episodes for many audience. Later every one was relieved when they find it was Bhavani Amma’s dream only.