uppum mulakum neelu original name actress as neelima balachandran wife

Nisha Sarangh is Uppum Mulakum Neelu original name in this serial telecast by Flowers TV channel. So what is real name of Malayalam actress who is doing role of Neelima Balachandran / Neelu in Uppum Mulakum serial.

Malayalam Television serial Uppum Mulakum Neelu original name is Nisha Sarangh. In this popular Flowers serial ‘Uppum Mulakum’, actress Nisha Sarang is doing role of Balu / Balachandran Thampy’s wife. In Uppum Mulakum serial, actress Nisha Sarangh is doing role of character Neelima Balachandran who is also called lovingly as Neelu.

Malayalam actress Nisha Sarangh (Neelima Balachandran) acts as mother of four children named Kesavan, Shivani, Parvathy, Vishnu, Lakshmi. Character of Neelima Balachandran in Uppum Mulakum serial is a great one. She is more popular after acting in this serial in Flowers Tv channel. Even though actress Nisha Sarangh has acted in many Malayalam serials, she became popular only after doing this role of Neelu / Neelima.

Nisha Sarangh has acted in many Malayalam movies and Television serials in small supporting roles. She was not at all known to anyone so popular till she did role of Neelu in Uppum Mulakum for Flowers TV channel. Actor who does role of Neelima’s husband is actor Baiju Sopanam (Balachandran Thampi).

Adukkalappuram is first malayalam serial that gave break for Nisha Sarang. Performance in this serial paved her way to getting chance to act in Kerala Sitcom (situational comedy) serial Uppum Mulakum.

uppum mulakum neelu original name

Nisha Sarang Family

Nisha Sarangh has two daughters. Nisha Sarangh husband had left her and she got divorced many years back. After that actress Nisha Sarang struggled hard to build a career in film industry and television serials. Actress Nisha Sarang daughter marriage was held recently in 2017. Marriage photos of Nisha Sarang daughter is available.

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Nisha Sarang Divorce

Actress Nisha Sarang found luck in her acting career after she did role of Neelima (Neelu) in Malayalam serial Uppum Mulakum.

Malayalam movies of actress Nisha Sarang are Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram, My Boss, Amen, Vegam, Oru Indian Pranayakadha.