Uppum Mulakum Rema original name actress Varsha Abhay role rema

Rema is a new character who came to Upum Mulakum serial. Who is actress doing role of Uppum Mulakum Rema character in this Flowers Tv serial. Name of Malayalam serial actress in character Rema role for Uppum Mulakum is now known for every one.

Uppum Mulakum Rema character real name is actress Varsha Abhay. Photos of Kerala serial actress Varsha Abhay is now popular among all audience. All audience are anxious to know more about Varsha Abhay who is a celerity from Kerala.

Varsha Abhay as Rema character in Uppum Mulakum serial is that of Balu / Balachandran Thampy’s cousin. Arrival of character Rema in Uppum Mulakum serial to Balu’s (Biju Sopanam) cousin. Balu’s wife Neelima does not like arrival of character Rema (Varsha Abhay) to their house. Character Rema in Uppum Mulakum serial is a relative of Balachandran (Balu) who comes to their houses when she was having problems with her husband. Rema was unknown to every one in his family. He tries to introduce Rema as a poor orphan girl and did no reveal the fact that she is his cousin at first.

uppum mulakum rema

Neelima (Nisha Sarang) allows rema to stay at house as a female servant to help in household works. Later real fact about Rema is known to every one and Rema leaves with her husband after solving their family problems.

There are lot of interesting characters in Malayalam serial Uppum Mulakum shown in Flowers TV channel.

Main characters are Balachandran Thampi / Balu by actor Biju Sopanam, Balu’s wife Neelima / Neelu by actress Nisha Sarangh. Their family also has other characters like Parvathy, Vishnu, Lachu, Keshu, Shivani who are popular among audience.