Vaishali Movie Actress Suparna Present Latest Photo

Vaishali is the old malayalam movie by Director Bharathan. Name of Vaishali movie actress is always asked by people who watch this film. Actress Suparna was the heroine of this cinema who did the title role as Vaishali.  No one who watched this film could forget Vaishali.

Few years back she appeared in the Idea Star Singer program in Asianet channel, shocking everyone with her change in appearance. Suparna Anand acted as Vaishali and Sanjay Mitra acted as the Rishishringan Maharshi. Like both of them loved in the movie, in the real life also they loved and got married.

But like in the film their fate was to get separated and so they divorced in the end. Suparna married a businessman from Delhi and settled as a house-wife. Later Sanjay married another woman Taruna Punj in 2012. Divorce of actress Suparna, actor Sanjay Mitra happened years back. Suparna has been a great sensational celebrity in Mollywood after her performance in Vaishali movie. Actress Suparna Anand is from Delhi. She acted in Malayalam, Hindi movies.

The latest photo of actress Suparna which is here to startle all of you is updated below along with her past photos.

Malayalam films in which actress Suparna Anand acted are Witness, Utharam, Nagarangalil Chennu Raparkam, Njan Gandharvan.
Present looks of actress Suparna Ananad has bee unbelievable for everyone who expected  her to be still gorgeous as before.