King Fisher calendar models, actress with Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya

King Fisher calendar is one of the most awaited photo shoots from this brand every year. But after 2015 there was no calendar released by King Fisher because it landed in to financial problems. Still Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models are famous and many of them have turned out into popular actresses in Bollywood. King fisher company owner Vijay Mallya escaped into London after financial crisis of Kingfisher airlines company.

Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models photo shoot became popular again when news broke out regarding arrest of Vijay Mallya. There are many gossip stories regarding Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya who had been dating with many celebrities, models .etc. There had been gossips that Vijay mallya had fallen for models many times and he spent lot of money for being with his favorite models. Also Vijay mallya was seen in night club parties many times with models.

Most people were jealous of Vijay Mallya and his photo shoots sessions with calendar audition and calendar releases. Models competed to become models of King fisher calendar because of popularity and fame it gave to them. Many actress who were first models of King fisher calendar became celebrities in Indian films.

Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models also easily became famous as sexiest and hottest super models after their stills were printed in this calendar. There had been many gossips connecting name of Kingfisher company owner Vijay Mallya with many models and actress.

Photos of Kingfisher Vijay Mallya with celebrities, models of his Kingfisher airlines .etc. which were taken during various events.

Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models

Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models

Vijay Mallya kingfisher calendar models  

Full name of Vijay Mallya is Vijay Vittal Mallya who is aged 61 years as on 2017. He is settled at London in England. When telling about Vijay Mallya’s family life, he has 2 wives. His first wife is Sameera Tyabjee Mallya who was an air hostess in Air India. Later he divorced her and in this relation he has a son named Siddharth Mallya. Later Vijay Mallya got married to Rekha Mallya who had been two times before.

Vijay Mallya has 3 children named Leanna Mallya, Tanya Mallya, Siddharth Mallya.

Vijay Mallya is partner of Formula One team Sahara Force India. Other than this he also owns Royal Challengers Bangalore which is his team in Indian Premier League matches.